Karting Australia (Bitumen)

Karting Australia (Bitumen)

July 18, 2019

Karting Australia is the governing body for sprint (bitumen) karting in Western Australia.  There are 14 clubs in WA with 2 in Perth. If you like to travel, you could race nearly every second weekend. Click here for the clubs.

Classes are sorted by age, engine & weight. You can start practicing from 6yo & start competition from 7yo. Click here for the classes.

To get on to the track, you need a KA licence & club membership. Click here for licence information. Contact your chosen club for membership information.

Kart's are not limited to what class you are driving by rules but there are better specifications to suit a class. There is the excemption when a kart used in Juniors must be over 1000mm wheelbase. Otherwise its the kart that fits you best. Click here for kart specifications.