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Classes - Dirt Track Karting

This section looks at the basics of getting started in the sport, like choosing a class. We have also included a guide of suitable chassis's available for each class.

The first step in getting into karting is to determine what class you would like to race. The three things to look at when choosing your class are :

  • The age of the driver (must be at least 7 years old)
  • The weight of the driver
  • What your budget is for the sport, including set-up and on-going running costs. Karting is the cheapest form of motorsport.

There are three main classes and then sub classes depending on the engine you choose to run. The main classes are as follows:


 Class  Age Weight (kart + driver)  Number of Sub-classes 
 Rookie  7-14    1
 Junior  7-14  95kg  2
 Senior   14 +  120kg  11



Junior Sub-classes

The sub-classes of Juniors depend on the total weight of kart and driver.


 Class  Engine  Weight (kart + driver)
 J Junior Light  Yamaha KT100J (10 hp)  95kg
 J Junior Heavy  Yamaha KT100J (10 hp)  115kg



Senior Sub-Classes

Like the junior classes, these sub-classes are also determined by choice of engine and the combined weight of the kart and driver. Additional classes not listed below are KT Twin, 100cc Open, 200cc Open & Outlaw.  These classes are generally "The Next Step" but you can start in them as a first time driver.


 Class  Engine  Weight (kart + driver)
 J Open   Yamaha KT100J (10 hp)  120kg
 KT Light    Yamaha KT100S (15 hp)  120kg
 KT Medium   Yamaha KT100S (15 hp)  140kg
 KT Heavy    Yamaha KT100S (15 hp)  160kg
 Statesman  Yamaha KT100S (15 hp)  140kg
 125cc Light   Rotax, Fireball, Leopard  140kg
 125cc Heavy  Rotax, Fireball, Leopard  160kg



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